300 Club

The Parish 'Three Hundred Club' provides an entertaining way to enhance Parish Funds. It is open to all, not only parishioners. Shares cost £6.00 (for each 5 shares purchased a 6th share will be issued free) and shareholders stand an even chance of winning a prize. Everyone is eligible and new members are always very welcome. The Club's Record book is always signed, to authenticate all banking.

New numbers are allocated before the first Monthly Draw, held at the end of January. There are three prize-winners each month. Winners are notified personally and the names of all prize-winners are advertised in the church porches, the Weekly Newsletter and also in The Georgian.

An envelope clearly marked '300 Club', bearing your name and with the money, can be placed in the collection bag at Mass. Otherwise, post it through the Presbytery letter box, or hand it to Malcolm. If you would like to help to organise the 300 Club, Malcolm would be delighted to hear from you. Malcolm Duncan Tel: 587462