Parish Pastoral Council

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Pastoral Parish Council is held annually, usually in November.

It is an open meeting, to which all parishioners are invited. A report summarising the past years activites is presented by the Chair and questions are invited from those attending.

The Treasurer also provides a report outlining the previous financial years income and expendture account of the parish. A outline budget for the coming financial year is also presented.
The meeting finishes with a period of open questions and discussion.

November 2013 AGM Report (PDF)
November 2013 AGM Minutes (PDF)
November 2014 AGM Report (PDF)
November 2014 AGM Minutes (PDF)
November 2015 AGM Report (PDF)
PPC Finance Report November 2015 (PDF)
2nd Collections Report November 2015 (PDF)
November 2016 AGM Report (PDF)
November 2016 AGM Minutes (PDF)
PPC Finance Report November 2016 (PDF)
November 2017 AGM Report (PDF)
November 2017 AGM Minutes (PDF)
PPC Finance Report November 2017 (PDF)