Brentwood Catholic Childrens Society (bccs)

The Brentwood Catholic Children's Society was established in 1984, following the closure of two nearby children's homes, Fr. John Armitage formed the Brentwood Catholic Children's Society to give immediate, unconditional help and care to those children and families in need.

We see our work as a moral as well as a social responsibility. We hold strong Christian convictions regarding the value of human life and seek not only to ensure the well-being of the children for whom we care, but to do so wherever possible within the context of the family unit. We gladly embrace children of all religions, and of none.

  • To provide a caring professional response to the child in need, irrespective of their background, race or religion.

  • To uphold the rights of the child and to ensure the protection and welfare of the child is paramount.

  • Today, this service extends throughout the whole of the county of Essex and five East London Boroughs. Our charity includes 13 professional social workers who are supported by 2 full time administrators, 1 fund raising manager, 1 trust manager and 1 finance and payroll manager. The Society receives no national or local statutory funding of any kind. Neither does it draw from diocesan funds. Indeed, its proud boast is that it raises its own finance with the unstinting help of supporters and benefactors.

    If you would like to support the Brentwood Catholic Children's Society, be it through your time, with a donation, leaving a legacy or through a corporate partnership, then you would be helping to sustain our work in providing care and time for children suffering abuse, neglect, poverty, family separation, bereavement or any other social ill.


    For general information about the Brentwood Catholic Children's Society our contact details are:
    Childcare House
    Little Wheatley Chase
    Essex SS6 9EH

    Phone: 01268 784544 Email: :