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General Booking Guide (Terms & Conditions)

Terms and Conditions of Use
1. All matters related to the use and maintenance of the Hall are the responsibility of the Parish Council which for the purposes of these conditions is the Hall Management Committee for the time being, hereinafter described as the Committee. Booking and other day to day business is dealt with on behalf of the Committee by the Parish Administrator, 96 Ness Road, Shoeburyness, SS3 9DH. Phone: 01702 292726. The Hall must not be used without first obtaining the consent of the hiring agent, completing a booking form and paying the appropriate hire charge.

2. The Premises are let on the basis that they will not be used for any purpose which is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church or which could cause offence. At all times the Catholic nature of the Premises must be respected. Any breach or potential breach of this provision will mean that the use of the Premises is withdrawn.

3. The accepted hirer must be the person who will be in charge of the event(s) for which the hall is hired and as the responsible user, must ensure that all the Conditions of Use listed in this document are complied with.

4. HIRING CHARGE shall be levied as agreed by the Committee. Our cancellation policy is as follows: - If a hire is cancelled within one month of the event taking place - no charge. If a hire is cancelled within two weeks of the event taking place - 50% of hire fee agreed is payable.
If a hire is cancelled within one week of the event taking place - full hire charge is payable. Such charges and any donations towards the running costs of the hall are to be paid to the Parish Administrator. Cheques should be made payable to “Catholic Church Shoeburyness”.

5. REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of £50 is payable at the time of hiring. This should be paid in cash and will be refunded in the same way providing that the hall is left in a clean and tidy manner and all the Conditions of Use have been adhered to.

6. KEYS FOR THE HALL are held by the hiring agent for issue to users on request. Users must ensure the safe keeping of keys issued and return them within 48 hours after the event or on termination of a regular hire period. If keys are lost a fee of £15.00 to replace them will be charged.

7. NOISE RESTRICTION. All music and other loud noise must cease by 11pm every day and also during any period when a service is being held in the adjacent church. Hall users are requested to consider nearby residents whilst conducting their events.

8. EMERGENCY EXITS. The responsible user must be familiar with all means of escape from the building and the location of fire extinguishers and ensure that all exits are kept free from obstructions and neither locked or bolted from the inside whilst the hall is in use. PLEASE ENSURE THE CHAIRS DO NOT BLOCK EXITS.

9. CAR PARKING. Under No Circumstances must the access driveway to the garage at the rear of the hall or path in front of the main doors in St Andrew’s Road be blocked by parked vehicles.

10. CLEANING. The hall is to be left clean and tidy after use. Tables and chairs should be stacked and returned to the position they were in before use. All waste bins must be emptied, rubbish removed and taken home with you. Toilets should be checked and flushed. Any kitchen equipment used is to be cleaned and returned to the correct storage place. Washing up drying towels are NOT provided. Perishable foodstuffs must not be left in the hall after any event.

11. HEATING APPLIANCES. Where provided users must follow the instructions attached to heating and other appliances. Hall users are requested not to sit on the protective cages surrounding the hall heaters.

12. SECURITY. On leaving the hall after an event, the users must ensure that all appliances, heaters and lights are switched off. All blinds must be drawn and all doors and windows securely locked including external door at the end of the cloakroom area.


14. Every effort is made by the caretaker to keep the floor in good condition. All users are asked to exercise care when moving furniture. Trainers or other suitable soled shoes must be worn when active games or the like are in progress. Hard Balls of any description must not be played with in the hall.

15. DAMAGE & VANDALISM. All damage to the fabric, furniture or fittings must be reported promptly to the hiring agent or Hall Management Committee member so that remedial action can be attended to without delay and inconvenience to subsequent users. Vandalism is a serious problem and has been experienced at all types of events. Toilets, hand basin fittings, coat hooks and walls are usually the main targets. Users should check these during and after their event. Repair costs for damage which occurs during users use of the hall, and which is considered by the Committee as beyond fair wear and tear will be charged to the hirer.

16. SAFEGUARDING. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the safety of all children at all times whilst using the premises. (The Children Act 2004 - or your local library). If the hiring involves the attendance of children and young persons under the age of 18 or Vulnerable Adults at the premises, the Hirer confirms that there will be in place appropriate Child and/or Adult Protection Procedures. By confirming a booking the Hirer agrees to ensure that all leaders, helpers and other adults present on the premises are aware of these Procedures and abide by them. It is also agreed that those organising the event will exercise a supervisory function and are responsible for safeguarding those who attend. Regular non-church based Hirers also need to provide evidence in writing, that appropriate safeguarding procedures are in place and that DBS checks have been carried out in respect of persons involved with children, young people or vulnerable adults on the premises during the course of the hiring.

Concluding Terms and Conditions
The committee reserves the right to withhold use of the hall to any organisation or individual who does not use the facilities in a reasonable manner and / or infringes the spirit of the Condition of Use.

The committee accepts no responsibility for loss of personal belongings, injury or other claims which may occur as a result of hiring the hall, attending a function in the hall and / or using the facilities for which the Committee are responsible for providing and maintaining. Insurance of equipment and/or property belonging to hirers is the responsibility of the hirer and is not covered by Parish insurance.

Any problems that users have with the hall should be brought to the notice of a Committee member or the Parish Administrator, NOT the Parish Priest. The committee will be pleased to consider suggestions from users, which would improve the hall facilities

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE replace all previous issues.
Please also check the 'hall calendar' page for regular bookings information
Revised August 2015

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