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Cafe - Catholics for Evangelisation

During Lent and Advent, after the 9.15am Friday Morning Mass, The Café Group gathers in the Church Hall for their weekly meeting which begins by 10.00am. This allows parents to leave their children at school, and then come to the meeting. The session ends no later than 11.15am. You are welcomed with a cup of coffee and biscuits. The meeting opens with a prayer, then a video/DVD presentation. The group joins in a friendly, informal discussion on how the subject relates to each one of the group, the Parish and the wider community. There is no pressure on anyone to contribute. Each may remain silent or join in the lively conversation, which certainly becomes quite enthusiastic, at times. Each session is self-contained, so your choice is to select just one or two meetings, or take advantage of the complete course. Various sessions have been shown over the years, including one about the Saints during Lent.