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Childrens Liturgy

At the beginning of Sunday's 10.30am Mass during term-time, Father Brett calls the children to him. Anyone old enough to sit and listen, usually aged from three to the end of Year Four, may answer his call. Then, together with their Catechist leaders, the children process to the Parish Hall. The group holds its own Liturgy, hearing the Gospel for the day, and then responding to it at their own level. During this time, their parents remain in Church, having the chance to listen to the Word of God in peace!
On their return to Church, the children join the Offertory procession. Then, armed with pictures, prayers and songs, they report to Father and the congregation. Their efforts are always very much appreciated and warmly received. Once reunited with their families, the Celebration of the Eucharist continues. If any adult would like to help to lead a group you would be most welcome.
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