Among the "unsung heroes" of our Parish, are small groups of voluntary workers ensuring the smooth running of our two churches. Not least are the Church Cleaning Groups who, largely forgotten, often overlooked, are indispensable to our parish.

Do we not expect the church to look perfect? Invariably it does, thanks to a small band of parishioners, women and men, who undertake to clean the church and polish the brasses.
At St George's, a small number of hard-working teams take turns to keep the church sparkling by giving an hour or two of their own time, once a month. What is urgently needed is for someone to undertake the brass cleaning, a task which is separate from church cleaning. There's plenty of room for more names on each rota.

Can you polish brass? Can you use a vacuum cleaner? Can you wash or polish floors? Can you wield a duster? If you answer yes to any of these, then you've just the pair of hands we need. The offer is open to everyone, young or old, male or female. The only expertise needed is a willing heart. Just contact one of the names listed above, you can be sure of a warm welcome.

St George's: Parish Office (Sharon) Tel: 292726
St Gregory's: Carol Williams Tel: 588486