Event Dates

Planning Charity Events ?

Thinking of organising a charity event and advertising it in our parish? Here are some parish community guidelines to read before you start. Thank you.

Parish Social Events
Advertising in the Newsletter for four weeks before the event and with ticket sales three weekends before the event.

Coffee mornings
As usual these will be advertised the week beforehand in the newsletter and on our website. Should a parishioner wish to seek charity sponsorship at coffee mornings we would ask that they seek the prior approval of the charity whose coffee morning it is.

Non-parish related social events
Advertised in the parish newsletter for the three weeks before the event through the parish office and with personal contact details. Tickets to be sold the following two weekends. This will be highlighted in the announcements for both weekends. Newsletter item will run until event itself (same goes for website, although Frank McEvoy will need to be advised). All ticket sales to be by personal contact only i.e. no sales in the porch or outside church please.

If any parishioner wishes to raise sponsorship for a specific charity then it will be advertised in the Newsletter with the person’s contact details. Collection of sponsors can’t be taken at back of church as people are leaving.


The Parish Community are holding a variety of events in the coming year.
These include:
A Wine Tasting (tba - probably around October)
A Murder Mystery Night (tba)
The Summer Fayre
An African Evening (tba - possibly later in the year)
The Christmas Fayre
An Irish Night 13th April (ACROSS)
Plus other events. Dates yet to be confirmed. Look at our weekly newsletter for upcoming events!

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