Flower Arranging is an essential Ministry at St. George's and St. Gregory's. Week by week, the skills of expert flower arrangers embellish the dignity of both churches with their beautiful floral displays.
At St. George's, a small group of Parishioners arrange the flowers on a weekly rota, each one working independently. However, for both the Easter and Christmas celebrations and other special occasions, they work as a team. The Flower Arrangers would be delighted to welcome new members and you don't need to be an expert to volunteer. It is sufficient for you to be interested in flower arranging. If you would like to learn more about this Ministry, then talk to Caroline.
Floral displays are arranged each Friday morning at St. Gregory's and the flower arrangers work independently. They, too, warmly welcome new volunteers to augment their ranks. The only requirement is an ability to arrange flowers in a church setting. For further details Phone Angela, She would be delighted to hear from you

FLOWER ARRANGERS – ST. GEORGE’S Caroline Braybrook Tel: 587690
FLOWER ARRANGERS – ST. GREGORY’S Angela Barrett Tel: 588735