St Georges Garden Shoeburyness
Each spring after enduring the dreary gray skies and leafless trees of winter our merry band of gardeners return full of energy to St Georges garden. There are eight of us and we work in pairs, in a 4 week rotation when convenient for us. We take, care of the garden from March/April through to November when we have a Christmas Break . We do like a holiday!. We use many types of gardening tools. Hedge trimmer. Lawn Mower, strimmer, forks, spades, croppers, secateurs and anything that might be useful, (lots of tools lots of action!!). We recycle all our garden waste.

Gardening provides marvelous exercise; it requires stooping, bending, and lifting, so it keeps us fit though a bit ‘achy’ at times. Gardening requires a lot of water - most of it in the form of perspiration. We weed the flower beds, prune shrubs, trim hedges, cut the grass and generally do our best to keep our very special garden looking good for all to enjoy.

St. Gregory’s – Garden and Grounds.
Those familiar with the parish are likely to know of St. Gregory’s. This charming church is in large grounds, behind a tall privet hedge in The Broadway, Thorpe Bay. The parish summer fayre is normally held in the grounds in June or early July. The grounds lend themselves to outdoor functions and can be available for parishioners use. A BBQ is available on site if required.

The grounds have been maintained over the years by a few parishioners. Over the last few years we have lost some of the trees in the grounds and the emphasis now is moving towards more general planting, donations of plants will always be welcome. As in any garden, more help is always needed. On site we keep a lawn mower and general gardening tools.

We would be delighted if any parishioner would like to join our ‘merry band’ - If you would like to help
please contact the Parish Office Tel: 01702 292726