General Help

These questions are asked in every parish throughout the world. And in those same parishes, volunteers willing to do those jobs are like gold dust. Our 'odd-jobbers', or "PODJERS" for short, are 'Parish Treasures'. So, who or what is a 'PODJER'?

Do you read the number of appeals for volunteers published regularly in weekly newsletters? Have you heard requests for help frequently made during the notices before weekend Masses? Have you ever thought, "I could do that, if only SOMEONE would ask me ... "? Would you, too, like to involve yourself fully in the life of our parish community?
You're just the 'podjer' St. George's Parish needs! There are opportunities to use those hidden talents. All you need is your particular talent plus a little time to spare for the good of our parish community.
But you don't need to wait to respond to a request, why don't you give your name to Father Brett, or to Sharon, our Parish Adminstrator, or anyone on the Parish Pastoral Council. They will put you in touch with other 'Podjers', who will make you welcome in no time. Are you very young or no longer quite so young? You're needed. Male or female? It doesn't matter. There's room for your special talent and our parish needs your particular expertise, whatever it is.

fix.. organise.. make.. mend.. tidy.. dispose of ??
Please contact: Parish Office(Sharon) Tel: 292726