Liturgy Contacts


We all recognise that being met with a warm smile as we come to Mass ensures that we feel welcome. This important ministry is undertaken by teams of Greeters at all major Masses at both St George's and St Gregory's. The welcome any stranger or newcomer receives at church makes a lasting impression. It is the introduction to our Parish.
The confidence of many new members is boosted by a sincere smile. A greeter often introduces a new member of OUR community to someone already established. Greeters readily step in when the need arises, whether major or trivial. They have to be 'in the know', to answer oft heard calls before and after Mass, "Where is...? Can't someone do...?"

The far from onerous tasks include handing out the weekly newsletters, hymnals and other current literature. A quick check ensures that the Eucharistic Ministers and Readers for that day have arrived, or substitutes organised. They arrange the Offertory collection and procession. The Church bell is rung before Sunday's 10.45am Mass. Other tasks are to usher at Communion and organise any Second Collections. They tidy the church after Mass, secure lost property and ensure the Church door has been fastened when everyone has gone.

More volunteers would be gladly welcomed at all Masses. Extra teams will considerably ease the pressure. If you would like to become a Greeter/Usher, just chat to any of the group at your particular Mass, or speak to Father Brett. You're most welcome.

St. George’s:
6.00pm: Dianne Alexander Tel: 535751
10.45am: Tom & Christine McPhillips Tel: 293711
St. Gregory's:
8.45am: Led by Nigel Folkard, with Cameron Fisher and John Morton