HCPT 192

Every Easter, the Trust takes to Lourdes over two thousand children with special needs, from the UK, Ireland, Slovakia and even as far away as the West Indies. Together they spend a week on a joyful pilgrimage filled with love and laughter.

The Trust is organised into 'Family Groups' each with a leader, a nurse, a priest and a number of voluntary helpers who care for the children during the week. Group 192 is based here in our Parish. The group leader, Olwen Shallis and a number of the helpers are members of our parish community. Others come from as far a field as Peterborough.

Although this is a small group, with the aid of twelve to fourteen helpers, they can usually take as many as six children from the Southend area. Money is raised throughout the year to pay the children's fares to Lourdes. Outings and other activities whilst they are there are also funded this way. One of the highlights of the week is the lighting of the Group's large candle, when they pray for all those who have made the pilgrimage possible. Are you interested in helping our group as a helper, or as a fund-raiser? Perhaps you would like to hear more about our group? Just speak to Olwen on the number given above, or chat to any helper at one of our coffee mornings.
In any case, look out for the Christmas cards for sale in the weeks before Christmas

We are always looking for volunteers and welcome anyone. If you are interested, please contact Olwen, she'll be happy to hear from you.
Olwen Shallis Tel: 585948