Parish Pastoral Council

Membership of PPC

As directed in the constitution, the council consists of:
Parish Priest(1), Elected(6), Parish Priest Appointees(4), Parish Treasurer, Head Teacher of St Georges School, Chair of Finance Committee, 'Steward of the Gospel' Representative. Co-opted Members (currently 2)

Fr Brett Adams - Parish Priest
Peter Casey - Parish Treasurer
Vacancy - Elected
Dianne Alexander - Elected
David Andrew - PP appointed
Malcolm Duncan - Elected
Brian Fitzgerald - PP appointed
Suzanne Halvey - Co-opted
Catherine Harrold - Elected
Brian Lish - Elected
Frank McEvoy - PP appointed
Chris McPhillips - Elected
Lucille Parker - 'Steward of the Gospel'
Kelvin Ncube - PP appointed
Paul Schofield - Chair of Finance Committee
Annabelle Delgado - HT St George’s School
Sharon Chambers, Parish Administrator - Co-opted
Val McEvoy - Secretary