Liturgy Contacts


Do we as a Parish community consider how each Liturgical service runs as if on oiled wheels? Do we notice the meticulous attention to detail for every celebration? As we file out at the end of Mass or Service, do we observe that all is being left ready for the next liturgy?

The Sacristan ensures that all Liturgical services, including Holy Mass and The Sacraments are correctly prepared and perfect. It is necessary to keep stock of all that is needed for every service and to order everything that is required, in good time.

Another duty which may not be immediately obvious is to ensure the cleaning materials have been procured for those who keep our churches sparkling and fresh. (See also: Church Cleaning). Here in St George's Parish, this responsibility is shared by a small team of Sacristans, each being accountable for a particular liturgical service, or a specific day, every week.

If you would like details of the Sacristan's duties, Suzanne would be happy to chat to you; or you can ask Father Brett.

At St Gregory's, Ann and Tim Doran look after the Sunday Mass, all the supplies for the church and any extra services, such as the Vespers and Benediction during Advent and Lent.
For Tuesday mornings it varies but it is normally Tinka McKelvie or Joan McDonald who act as Sacristans.

Contact: St Georges - Sunday 10.45 Mass - Suzanne Petchey Tel: 542023
St Gregory's - 8.45am Mass - Tim or Ann Doran