St George's Catholic Primary School

St George's Catholic Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Annabelle Delgado
The school has been serving the parish of St George and the English Martyrs since 1970. During that time the school has continually evolved in order to meet the needs of the young people and the community it serves. An infant block was built in 1989, enabling the school to have one class for each year group and a computer suite was constructed in 2000 so that every child could learn and develop their knowledge of emerging technologies. In 2007 the school kitchen was redesigned as a community room, which is used by local and parish groups and by the school as a learning base.

All teachers and support staff at the school aim to ensure that each individual reaches his or her God-given potential, encouraging high aspirations for both children and their families. The curriculum which includes religious education based on the life and teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church, is constantly reviewed in order that children develop a love of learning and are taught life-skills, which prepare them for their future. The staff promote the Christian ethos of the school, which permeates all relationships and studies and we are blessed with input from our parish priest who assists us in developing our children spiritually and as followers of Christ.

The link between the parish and the school is essential. It is important that the children of St George’s are aware that as well as being part of a community, our Catholic school forms an integral part of the communion of the local and universal church, supporting the work of CAFOD and other Catholic charities.

We are proud of all our children and always strive to create an environment in which they can reach their full potential, grow in faith and the love of God and recognise their importance in the eyes of God and the world.

New Guidance below! - Catholic Secondary and Primary School Applications and Appointments
The Catholic Church in England and Wales has recently changed the format in regards to the Parish Priest's input in the area of School Application forms. The priest no longer completes a section of the Application set which stated, among other things, the frequency of Catholic practice as completed by the parent(s); this particular form has been abolished.

If you are intending to apply for a place for your child for next September in a Catholic Secondary School, you will probably already know that the process changed last year. Instead of asking your Priest to complete a reference form regarding your Catholicity which he would then send directly to the school, you now need to see your Parish Priest and ask him for a Certificate of Catholic Practice. Your Parish Priest will give this to you providing he is satisfied you are a practising Catholic. You will then need to take this to the Catholic School to which you are applying, together with your child’s Baptismal Certificate (or Certificate of Reception where appropriate). If you do not, for whatever reason, qualify for a Certificate of Catholic Practice and your child is baptised, then your application will come into the next category for Baptised Catholic Children. For further details, please read carefully the admissions criteria/arrangements of the Catholic school to which you wish to apply. If you think you are likely to be, in this second category, please do still apply in the normal way, as explained by the Catholic school or the Local Authority, and remember to take a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate to the school.

Father Brett is available for appointments.
Please contact the school office to make your appointment.

The dates for any parents needing an interview for a Primary school place (Reception 2016), are 9th, 16th and 23rd November.
The dates for those applying to Catholic secondary schools are 28th September, 5th & 12th October between 1:00pm and 3:00pm.

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