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669 - Summer & Christmas Events

669 - Summer & Christmas Events

During the months of June and November, our Parish community holds its Summer and Christmas Fayre's. These great social occasions boost Parish Finances and support some parish charities. These Fayre's generate the occasion to become fully involved as a volunteer. But you might prefer to bring family, friends and neighbours to enjoy a relaxing day out having fun. Meanwhile, the rest of us create every opportunity to part you from your\money, by hook or by crook!

For the summer fayre the parish calls on the services of 'expert chefs' to run the barbecue. This long established tradition is an essential highlight for hungry visitors and stalwart workers alike. 'Bouncy Castles' are great favourites with children of all ages. There's plenty to interest, entertain and amuse, in fact, something for everyone. November time has more of a Christmas theme with mulled wine, mince pies, and our very own version of a Hog roast.

The Grand Draw prizes are just waiting to be won. Tickets are sold at the back of each church in advance of the Fayre's. But, never fear, on every stall and sideshow you'll find someone eager to relieve you of your cash. Appeals for items to sell appear in the Weekly Newsletter and posters. You can't miss the adverts, however much you may try. We want you to give us what you can spare, then come and buy it back again!

The Fayre's are organised in liaison with the Group 669 Team (the parish social fundraising team) and other involved groups. Preparation meetings are held as and when they are needed. If you want to volunteer or can help in any way? Just speak to Team Leaders - Suzanne and Brian (293687). You're welcome, always.