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Second Sunday in Lent - Year C

What is it with Peter, John and James? They always seem to be sleepy at the most significant spiritual moments of their lives. Their sleepiness at Jesus’ Transfiguration on the mountain will be repeated on the Mount of Olives when Jesus is praying and struggling with the destiny that faces him.

Like many things in the gospel their ‘sleepiness’ is code. It really means that they were not fully engaged with what was happening around them; their spiritual and faith sight was blurred, just like sleepy eyes can be!

It’s interesting that just before the story of the Transfiguration Peter displays a definite spiritual clarity in confessing Jesus as the promised one of God, and Jesus goes onto confirm this in a special demonstration of His glory on Mount Tabor; it’s ironic then that at the moment of revelation and truth they’re a bit blurry eyed. How easy it is for us to disconnect.

A lack of faith sight is compensated and replaced by the typical human instinct to hold onto ‘special moments’. This is expressed in a very practical way in that the disciples want to build tents.

Our spiritual journey and faith sight by which we make that journey is not so much about ‘holding on’ but more about ‘letting go’. To hold onto spiritual truths is not necessarily synonymous with integrating and assimilating them into our lives. In fact, I would suggest that any genuine integration of such things can only happen through ‘letting go’ and ‘letting God’.

Our minds and faith can be dulled or blurred. We can easily lose sight of the presence and power of God around us and within us. Lent is time when we are sharpening our spiritual and faith sight.

Where in your faith life do you have ‘sleepy eyes’? Where in your faith life do you need to let go a bit more so God can take the reins? It’s worth reflecting on, as a special ‘Jesus’ moment might pass you by!

Have a good week,

Fr Brett


Fr Brett's Latest Photo!