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Seventh Sunday of Easter - Year B

My dear friends,


Come, Holy Spirit. Come with strength for the weak, courage for the faithful, light for those in darkness, comfort for the sorrowful, healing for the sick and injured, guidance for those who are lost, faith for those who are in doubt, hope for those who have no hope, and love for those who have no love.

Come, Holy Spirit, kindle in us the fire of your love, and we shall renew the face of the earth.

On Pentecost day, the apostles spoke a new language. What was this new language?

It was the language of peace rather than of war; the language of cooperation rather than of competition; the language of forgiveness rather than of vengeance; the language of hope rather than of despair; the language of tolerance rather than of bigotry; the language of friendship rather than of hostility; the language of unity rather than of division; the language of love rather than of hate.

Through the gift of the Spirit, people of different languages learned to profess one faith, to the praise and glory of God. That is the real miracle of Pentecost, and it is a miracle which, thankfully, still happens.

(Flor McCarthy)

Wishing you well for the week,

Fr Brett


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